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Backstage news on why WWE signed KENTA

One of the key reasons why WWE signed KENTA to a deal is because the WWE Network will be expanding to Japan next year and they wanted a top Japanese star. WWE doesn’t have a great track record with international talent but they are not bringing him in to fail. That was clear based on how they made his signing a big deal with Hulk Hogan being at the shows in Japan. Hogan also called him the future of wrestling. They also did a press conference in Tokyo and they will be doing another press conference when he arrives in Orlando this week. NXT will begin airing on Japanese satellite channel J Sports and KENTA is expected to be a regular on those shows.

It will be interesting to see if they let him use his finisher. He uses the Go 2 sleep but since that’s associated with CM Punk it might remind fans of Punk. Also, his Tiger suplex might be banned because of the fear of neck issues and WWE bans certain moves that can be dangerous for the neck and spine.

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