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Backstage news on why WWE unified their main titles, Roman Reigns working a lot less than anticipated

Roman Reigns' decision to pull back on his full-time schedule may come back to bite least until it's time to put the belt on someone else.

WrestleVotes reports that the WWE Championship and Universal Championship were unified with the understanding that Reigns would be appearing on both Raw and SmackDown more regularly. Obviously, that has not been happening.

Last night on Raw, The Usos and Paul Heyman appeared but there was no sign of Reigns. Reigns also was not on last week's SmackDown but he will be on the show this Friday night to defend his title against Matt Riddle. Reigns vs. Riddle was originally scheduled for the Money In The Bank show but Reigns is no longer scheduled to wrestle on that date. He is currently scheduled for SummerSlam where it is believed that he will defend against the returning Randy Orton.

Reigns hasn't wrestled since the 5/22 house show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Going forward, he will wrestle a lot fewer house shows and roughly 6 pay-per-view events per year.

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Wrestlevotes tweeted, "According to a source, the creative decision to unity the titles was with the understanding it would allow Roman Reigns to appear on BOTH shows more regularly.

…maybe that wasn’t the best decision."