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Backstage news on WWE drug testing

Dave Meltzer has a long article up in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter talking about Cung Le's UFC suspension for testing positive for Human Growth Hormone. HGH can only be picked up in blood testing and the belief is that you can only catch someone within a few hours of them taking an HGH shot. HGH is banned in WWE but they don't test for it.

Those that use Performance Enhancing Drugs in WWE and beat the testing, the standard stack is to use low doses of testosterone and higher doses of HGH. The reason is because HGH works better in synergy with a steroid to enhance its effects. Also, low doses of testosterone will keep them below the 6:1 T:E ratio required to fall below the required levels.

The wrestlers in the 80s had the puffy look because many were on Testosterone, Winstrol, and Deca.

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