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Backstage news on WWE's original plans for John Cena at Crown Jewel



There were changes made to the Crown Jewel World Cup brackets in the last couple of weeks.

The original plan was for John Cena to face Rey Mysterio in the early round and the belief is that Mysterio would have beat Cena because they want to market Mysterio as a superhero. That explains why they have been pushing the "Greatest Mask of all-time" tagline with Mysterio.

Things were changed when Cena pulled out of the show and it was decided that they would do brand-specific quarterfinals and semifinals instead of Raw vs. Smackdown matches. The finals, obviously, will still be Raw vs. Smackdown and based on what Shane McMahon said on Tuesday night, it looks likely that the Smackdown side will win. McMahon said that if the Smackdown wrestler loses then he will be fired.

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At this point, WWE probably just wants to get through this week. There have been several changes made to the show in the last few days. Daniel Bryan is being replaced by Samoa Joe in the WWE Championship match against AJ Styles and Cena was replaced by Bobby Lashley in the World Cup. WWE has also added Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev for the United States Championship.

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