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Backstage news on WWE’s plans for Lana

Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer recapped last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw on this morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

They talked about Lana being put through a table again and Alvarez was not so sure that this was actually a push for her. Meltzer noted that he was talking to someone in WWE a few weeks ago about the company depth chart and he figured that Lana was a heel. The person in WWE told him that she is actually a babyface.

“I had Lana on the heel side because I thought she was a heel,” Meltzer said. “[They told me] no, no, no, she’s a babyface and she’s getting a real big push.”

Bryan Alvarez said that it certainly looks like WWE is burying Lana by having her get slammed through a table by Nia Jax for 7 weeks in a row but Meltzer says that people in WWE insist that they are actually pushing Lana.

“In their minds, it’s a big push,” Meltzer said. “In their minds, every time they put her through a table, she’s getting more over.” reached out to a WWE source about Lana and we were told that she will eventually get back at Jax by putting her through a table. The source was adamant that Vince McMahon is not holding a grudge and there is no heat on her because of her husband signing with AEW.

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