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Backstage note on WWE's booking problems and why they can't make new stars



We get emails on this all the time and the main question asked from fans is about the way WWE books their shows and how most of their stars are not portrayed as big stars because of 50/50 booking.

One person in WWE described WWE's booking and the inability to make new stars. That person said, "What is backfiring is the fact the company, its owners and executives now feel they have to answer for their decisions. `Some people did not like this guy won,' and then feel the need to explain their own creative process. It's a defensive posture that permeates even the booking, which is why it's always 50/50, unless someone has the clout to avoid being in the 50/50 club. But the booking itself becomes defensive. Don't offend anyone's fan base. Don't alienate anyone. Please everyone, at all times, and make either apologies offered or excuses given if the audience presents even the slightest backlash. It leads to no commitment to a decision, and therefore, long-term, long-lasting money situations become harder and harder to manufacture."

So, if you ever wondered why nobody stands out and why you'll see one guy win a match on Raw and then lose to the same guy on Smackdown and vice versa then there's your answer. Vince McMahon has the final say on everything and nothing will get fixed until he realizes that a major overhaul is needed.

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