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Backstage news on why WWE 'suspended' Braun Strowman and pulled him from TLC pay-per-view



On Monday before Raw, it was noted by Dave Meltzer that the plan for the main event at WWE TLC was for Braun Strowman to challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

Those plans were changed and what ended up happening was that Strowman headbutted Adam Pearce at the start of the show and then it was announced that a series of matches would take place to decide who would face off this coming Monday in a Triple Threat Match. The winner of that match would get the title shot. That is a change from what was originally planned and may explain why so little was announced before Raw went on the air.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that there is a story going around that claims that plans changed because Strowman is injured.

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Meltzer said, "I have not got anything confirmed [but] there's a story going around that there was an injury and that this tournament was a last-minute thing because Strowman was gonna get the title shot but he's injured and that's why they did the headbutt thing and the suspension to cover up an injury. But I don't that's the case. I'm hoping that I will get that confirmed tomorrow but that is a story going around. If he's okay, he'll be getting the title shot at the pay-per-view, I guess. But if he's not, they got a backup plan. That is kind of what has been told to me."

Meltzer added, "I don't even know if the injury story is legit. The story is that he got a knee injury at the elimination match [at Survivor Series] but I don't know that the story is accurate. I've heard it, I heard that what was the tournament was for but it still could just be a storyline and Braun is getting the title shot anyway."

Meltzer said that the injury story is probably true but he has only heard it from one person and he wanted to confirm with at least two more people.

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