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Backstage reaction to Cesaro and Titus O'Neil after Raw

The Wrestling Observer radio show had some news and notes on last night's Raw.

One of the items involved Cesaro's awesome performance last night in his match with John Cena. According to the Observer, Cesaro got a standing ovation when he returned to the backstage area after his match. Cesaro has been universally praised in the locker room for his good attitude and his excellent work in his matches. He was also given high praise for his match against Randy Orton on last week's Smackdown.

Titus O'Neil was also given praise last night by Vince McMahon for his promo. The word is that Titus had been pushing for his heel turn and Vince gave him the opportunity and Titus took the ball and is running with it. Vince is said to be pleased with the development of Titus as a heel.

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