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Backstage reaction to Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins match at WWE Hell in a Cell

Despite having a completely torn pec, Cody Rhodes wrestled Seth Rollins as advertised in the main event of Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell event. They used the real-life injury in the match as Rollins targeted it throughout it as he hit it with a kendo stick and a belt. In the end, Rhodes went over after hitting two Cross Rhodes and a sledgehammer shot.

As our own Paul Davis previously reported, Rhodes insisted on going forward with the match. One WWE source stated he likely wouldn’t have been cleared if it was a partial pec tear, but since it was torn completely, there was no more damage that could have been done to his pec.

WrestleVotes noted Rhodes and Rollins were highly praised for the quality of the match among those backstage, especially with the obstacle of Rhodes' injury.

“I’ve had multiple sources reach out this morning w/ exemplary words for the performance Cody Rhodes put in last night. Credit to Seth Rollins as well. Those at Gorilla were said to have LOVED the match. A modern day, all time classic HIAC that WWE will treat as much going forward.”

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Rhodes is expected to get surgery in the coming days to repair the injury that he suffered while lifting weights. This type of injury usually requires months of recovery.