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Backstage talk in WWE about Cody Rhodes, who has still not signed a new AEW contract

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Cody Rhodes has still not signed a new AEW contract and there was a lot of talk about him last night in WWE.

Meltzer said, "He still has not signed and originally when he hadn't signed it just seemed like one of those things but now here we are. We're in mid-February and the contract was up at the end of December or maybe January 1st. Yes, a lot of talk about Cody Rhodes and it is probably best said that before I would say that there was minimal possibility that he wasn't gonna sign but I would not say that now. I think there's a lot of people who think that it's up in the air of what is going to happen next. He's a big name free agent right now."

"At this point, I'm presuming that I'm not gonna hear from him until the decision's made and he wants it out."

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Meltzer noted that Rhodes To The Top was renewed so that's a good reason to stay with AEW and he is a judge on The Go Big Show but it is interesting that he hasn't signed and his free agency "was definitely something that was talked about a lot today in certain circles about the potential of something happening there. So I would say that there's potential of something happening there I supposed but nothing's happened yet, as far as I know."

Meltzer noted that WWE has their salary structure that they would break for certain people and Cody might be one of those people. "Cody is up in the air, without a doubt," Meltzer said. "It will be interesting to watch this story, especially now."

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