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Backstage update on Triple H-McMahon family dynamic, more why he is unlikely to leave WWE



On a recent PW Torch audio show, Wade Keller gave some insight on why Paul "Triple H" Levesque is unlikely to leave WWE, and if he did leave the company, he explained why he would not compete against his father-in-law.

"I was told by somebody in WWE not too long ago that Hunter is not going anywhere," Keller said. "Their familiarity with the family dynamic is such where you know, they are familiar enough with the Stephanie-Hunter-Vince dynamic that Hunter cannot cash out and just leave without it affecting the family dynamic in a way that was just more negative than something Triple H would do. That could change and that person could be wrong but their hunch was Hunter is either gonna work in WWE or not but not work against them in the pro wrestling business."

As previously noted, Dave Meltzer also shot down the idea of Hunter possibly starting his own wrestling company. Meltzer stated that Hunter's cardiac event was very serious and he does not have the funds to start a major national promotion. Wrestlers have been told that they can speak with him on the phone but they were not to bring up any wrestling business.

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Not much has been said about Triple H's status and he hasn't been backstage at NXT since his cardiac event. Stephanie McMahon recently said during an interview that her husband is doing well. Last month, Triple H was seen in a brief video with his family at the construction site for the new WWE Headquarters building.

At this point, there's no word on when he will return to his duties with the company.

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