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Backstage WWE news on Maria Kanellis and Rusev ‘who’s the father?’ angle

For those of you wondering about the Maria Kanellis baby daddy angle they are running on Monday Night Raw, the father is not who WWE wants you to think it is.

First, they teased that Ricochet was the father and on the most recent show, they teased that Rusev is the father. In a post-match interview, Rusev did not say much and it was never said he wasn’t the father so the idea is that fans are supposed to think he might be the father until next Monday when they tease something else.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the eventual plan is to reveal who the father is because the big reveal should lead to a ratings boost. Mystery angles and weddings generally get big ratings so that’s why WWE goes back to those type of angles.

Meltzer noted that Rusev is not the answer to the question of who is the father and it was described to him that the “who’s the father?” angle will be more of a running joke than an angle building to a big reveal.

Here is what Rusev said on Monday after Raw on the fatherhood rumors:

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