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Backstage WWE news on Paul Heyman’s plans for several wrestlers

It looks like there is a genuine effort to build towards the future, and that was the main goal of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Once again, there were several squash matches on the show this week and while some may argue that they are sacrificing viewers by putting on so many squash matches, others would say that this is necessary to build towards the future.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave a list of some of the wrestlers being pushed by Paul Heyman. Among the names listed is Charlotte Flair, so they do appear to have plans for her even though she has not been too happy with the way she’s been booked since WrestleMania.

“They have [people] that they’re trying to get over,” Meltzer said on WOR. “You can see them every week. It’s Aleister Black, it’s Ricochet, it’s Buddy Murphy, it’s Charlotte Flair and it’s Drew McIntyre. They want to get these people over. They want to elevate these people. At least there’s a plan. I rather at least there’d be a plan than just this scattershot nothing where you can watch and think ‘they got no plans.’ At least there’s something going on. They’re attempting to start to build something for the future.”

He added, “Granted, every time we say that, it never gets there. But at least there’s an attempt.”

Hopefully, Heyman is allowed time to get these wrestlers over as top stars. Cedric Alexander was one of the people on Heyman’s list since he is a fan of his work but Vince McMahon made the call a couple of months ago to bury him. Alexander continues to work live events but for TV, he is mostly working on Main Event.

Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley are also Paul Heyman-backed wrestlers and they are in big storylines. Lashley is scheduled to marry Lana this Monday and it looks like we are getting Joe vs. Rollins at the Royal Rumble.

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