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Backstage WWE news on why Triple H has been frustrated with Vince McMahon



Earlier this week, someone connected to WWE's writing staff called into Wade Keller's podcast to talk about some of the issues going on in the company. The caller noted that Triple H is very frustrated by Vince McMahon, especially with how some of the NXT talent has been used.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirmed the story about Triple H's frustration.

Meltzer said that people close to the situation say Triple H is very frustrated by how things are going on the main roster. One person noted that a big problem is not that McMahon is not open to suggestions, but they think he's is too open these days to suggestions and it ends up watering down the original plans for storylines.

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Triple H picks his spots to talk with McMahon but he rarely does it in front of anyone. Shane McMahon sometimes pitches things for himself but his ideas rarely get used and Stephanie McMahon has nothing to do with creative.

Many people are wondering how McMahon will be when the XFL starts. It's no secret that the WWF product suffered in 2001 because McMahon was working on the wrestling side and the football side at the same time. McMahon already has a big workload and often works past midnight and close to 3 am at least once a week. Meltzer notes that Friday is considered an easy day because that is when he "only" works until about 8 pm.

His weekends consist of working and lifting weights and he will occasionally watch some football.

For those of you that missed it, click here to read what was said on Wade Keller's podcast regarding McMahon and Triple H and other backstage news going on in WWE.