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Backstage WWE reaction to Jaxson Ryker’s comments on Black Lives Matter and praise of Donald Trump

It looks like Jaxson Ryker’s job in WWE is safe but that doesn’t mean that the anger towards him has subsided.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer stated that the belief is that Ryker won’t be fired because you can’t fire someone for expressing their freedom to speak. However, the locker room is reportedly fuming at him.

For those of you that haven’t been keeping up with the story, Ryker (real name Chad Lail) was criticized by Kevin Owens for praising Donald Trump in a tweet during a time of unrest in the country due to protests and riots following the murder of George Floyd. KO’s tweet led to other wrestlers in and out of the company expressing their unhappiness with Ryker’s tweet.

Fans later discovered a 2019 Facebook post where he referred to Black Lives Matter as “garbage” and another post from 2017 where he posted a picture of himself wearing bronzer on his skin while referring himself to “soul man,” a reference to a controversial movie from 1986 that features a man dressed as blackface.

All of this puts WWE in an interesting position. The McMahon family is close with Donald Trump and Linda McMahon is heading his re-election campaign at a time when there is a lot of unhappiness with how the president has responded to the unrest in the country. WWE sent an email out to everyone in the company to state that anyone who feels uncomfortable can reach out to a new email set up by the company. WWE also put out a statement this week to state that they support diversity and justice for Floyd.

Click here for the latest on the Jaxson Ryker story, including the 2017 “soul man” photo from his Instagram.

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