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Backstage WWE reaction to Kevin Owens SmackDown Live promo, what’s next for Shane McMahon?

There was a lot of praise backstage for the worked shoot promo that Kevin Owens did on Shane McMahon to kick off this week’s WWE SmackDown Live.

Believe it or not, the company realizes that there is too much Shane McMahon on television and they are paying more attention to what people are saying on social media about the product. The declining ratings have forced Vince McMahon to ask for more input on the product and he’s listening to the criticism more than ever. They have also done surveys to figure out what people do and don’t like about the shows.

The Kevin Owens promo on Tuesday night is supposed to be the start of a storyline to phase out Shane McMahon from weekly storylines.

It should be clear to everyone now that Owens is back as a babyface. When he turned face a couple of months ago, he was not supposed to turn heel so quickly but they had him turn because they needed someone to feud with Kofi Kingston. The face turn is something Owens has wanted for a long time so they made things right last week by turning him again.

The idea behind the latest face turn is that Owens is speaking for the fans, who have had it with McMahon being shoved in their face every week. Some of the names he mentioned in his promo (Liv Morgan, Ali, Buddy Murphy, etc) are expected to appear on TV soon.

Click here to see Owens’ promo from SmackDown Live.

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