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Backstage WWE reaction to Vince McMahon's botched Stone Cold Stunner



One of the big highlights from last night was Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon standing in the ring one more time, a nod to their feud that kicked off in 1998 and culminated in 2001.

McMahon wrestled and won his match against Pat McAfee but Austin made his way down to the ring and proceeded to give Austin Theory a stunner. That was followed by a stunner on McMahon but McMahon did not take the move as it was intended.

As many of you saw last night, McMahon went to one knee and then he got up and stumbled against the ropes before finally taking the move. Backstage, McMahon was said to be all smiles and didn't seem bothered by the botch. The wrestlers and staff who were watching on the monitors got a kick out of seeing McMahon taking a bump again.

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Recommended Articles was told that there was a brief audio snafu during the segment. Before Austin walked out, they played Austin Theory's music and McMahon briefly reacted with a concerned look on his face. was told that what was supposed to happen was Stone Cold's music (not Austin Theory's) music was supposed to play right away and that explained why McMahon reacted early. We're told that there's no heat on anyone for the snafu and McMahon was said to be in a great mood all weekend.

On a related note, while McMahon would probably love to have Austin do more, the word going around backstage is that Austin was happy with his performance in the match with Kevin Owens and there are no plans for him to wrestle again.