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Backstage WWE Survivor Series news on what people are saying about Keith Lee

Keith Lee Roman Reigns

Earlier this weekend, I wrote about Vince McMahon's fondness for Matt Riddle and Keith Lee and the feeling among some that they will move to Raw or SmackDown much sooner than later.

Lee was given a chance to shine during the men's Survivor Series elimination match. There were a lot of people backstage who were watching the match and rooting for Lee because many wrestlers have known for years how good he is and he needed someone to give him a big break. He finally got the big break on NXT.

"He doesn't complain and he shows up to do the work," said one source. "We all know how good he is and this was his night to show everyone what he can do. Vince likes him and I think he'll be on Raw or SmackDown in a few months."

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Another source told me, "I would put one of the main belts on him. If they don't want to beat Bray then put him in there with Brock. I think people can believe Keith can beat Brock. He has what Vince is looking for. I would maybe give him a manager and give him a long run as champion. He works as hard or harder than anyone and never b*tches or complains about anything. I'm so happy for him."

In other Survivor Series news, I was told that the overall vibe backstage was positive and the feeling is that NXT looked strong and the feeling is that the tide has turned enough that NXT should beat AEW again in the ratings this Wednesday.

On Saturday night during the NXT TakeOver: WarGames post-show media call, Triple H said that the plan is to go back to a hard brand split with minimal involvement from Raw and SmackDown stars. After this week, several people in NXT have expressed skepticism and some feel that we'll see more Raw/SmackDown stars on that show if they lose to Dynamite on Wednesday. We'll see if that ends up happening but one thing is for sure, morale seems to be up lately after the issues in Saudi Arabia.