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Bad News Barrett reveals when he will return, talks about Sting in WWE, and more

Wade Barrett was interviewed for Here are some highlights.

On when he expects to be back in action:

Yes, I have been out for a while. I’m going through my recovery phase right now. It has been great, I’m feeling great. I will be back probably by December, with WWE doing their European tour this winter.

Thoughts on Sting possibly joining WWE:

Who knows? I’ve never actually met Sting, I’ve never seen him backstage in WWE or anything like that, and I don’t know what his plans are. I’ve heard rumours that he wants to have one last match, and he wants it to be in the WWE. I think it is almost inevitable that this is going to happen at some point. Who his opponent will be, I’ve no idea though. It would need to be a big, big match. I am a fan of his.
It is great we got him in the video game this year, and I know if you pre-order the game, you actually get a free downloadable version of Sting’s. I think there is two versions of Sting: one where he was face painted with the dark hair and the leather jacket, and there is one early in his career when he had the blond hair. So, it is cool that you can get both of those if you pre-order the game. But, yeah I think we might get to see him in the wrestling ring very soon in the WWE.

You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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