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Baron Corbin debuts brand new look on RAW this week

baron corbin clapping

Baron Corbin is now an authority figure on Raw and some might say he's also a part of The Authority but only time will tell on that one. Last week on Raw, Corbin sported his usual look with a cut off t-shirt and long hair. But this week during his second night on the job as Raw Constable, The Lone Wolf looked much different.

Corbin came out on Raw this week sporting a shaved head and was dressed up in a vest and looked quite official. But he was very different. This could be the beginning of a brand new Baron Corbin. I can only imagine the guys responsible in deigning Baron Corbin's character in the upcoming WWE 2K19 game went scrambling to take off Corbin's hair.

Of course, with any drastic change in anyone's look, we'll probably see Corbin pop up with a full head of hair for a while in promos, promotional material, action figures, and otherwise. But this is a pretty cool look for him and he really does pull it off quite well.

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Kevin Owens even complimented Corbin on his new haircut. Now it looks like fans won't be able to make fun of his hair anymore because he took care of that problem by going full-on shaved.