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Baron Corbin explains why he thinks fans dislike him

It’s no secret that Baron Corbin is not liked by fans. Some could argue that it’s not good heat but rather go away heat. Despite this, that hasn’t stopped WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon from pushing him. 

In fact, he was in the top program on Raw while challenging Seth Rollins for the Universal Title earlier this year. 

This is something that he talked about during an interview with Sports Illustrated. He thinks the fans dislike of him comes down to the way he got to his spot in WWE. 

“I didn’t wrestle in the independents, I didn’t pay my dues the way people think you should in wrestling,” he said. “Someone like Seth Rollins, he wrestled in small gymnasiums for no money. I didn’t do that, but I’m still here—and none of those guys can do what I did. That absolutely fuels my ego.”

“I’ll always stand up for WWE,” Corbin added. “We have the best superstars in the world, and we have the best people helping. We have Triple H, Michael Hayes, Fit Finlay, and Vince McMahon. We’re the best in the world, and I’m willing to stand up for that. I hold what we do to anyone in the world, no matter if it’s another wrestling company or the MLB or the NFL.”


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