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Baron Corbin gets deep when he’s face to face with death

Baron Corbin doesn’t let a lot of things get to him. He’s quite good at accepting hatred from fans and he thrives on being a bad guy. Sometimes he might take it over the line but all of that is discussed in depth within the pages of my new book: Planning The Biggest Party Of The Summer where Baron Corbin has his own section and it’s certainly worth reading.

The Lone Wolf is likely set to tangle with AJ Styles next on SmackDown Live, but on his recent visit in New York City he took some time to tour a place that’s a little bit more unconventional than a wrestling ring. However, he still looked just as at home surrounded by bones. As it turns out, Baron Corbin has a budding collection of human artifacts in his own residence although it is nothing compared to this one.

If you remember the awesome reality television show “Oddities” then you might recognize where Baron is and who he’s hanging out with. Ryan Matthew Cohn graciously allowed Baron Corbin to visit his home collection of human oddities and Baron loved every minute of it.

Things got deep for a bit as The Lone Wolf reflected on the meaning of life in a sense which is pretty cool because his character in WWE never allows him to get that deep in his thinking. This video was shot before Baron’s match with John Cena at SummerSlam so he also took a chance to talk about how John Cena isn’t a super hero, he’s just another man who is flesh and bone like everyone else.

Corbin also had an inspirational message to live life to the fullest while you can. Do what you enjoy because you never know when life can lead you to being just another part of someone’s collection of human skulls. It’s a pretty interesting video, that’s for sure.

Baron Corbin has some really cool friends.

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