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Baron Corbin on Corey Taylor slapping him: “I'll be happy when I get my payback”

baron corbin - corey taylor

WWE did an angle at the October 24th NXT live event in Sacramento, California where Slipknot's lead singer Corey Taylor slapped Baron Corbin. Check it out here:

Corbin recently spoke with Revolver about slapping Taylor. Here is what he had to say:

"Well, Corey and I had been sharing a few words, talking about who's gonna steal the show and who's gonna be what everybody's talking about. And I told him, 'NXT is here and we're gonna steal the show. We are the headliner, regardless of time slots.' And he saw things differently. And so, [the] night [before the match], I told him, 'There's men of words, and men of action.' And I said if he was a man of action to show up, and he showed up, so I give him props for that. And he sat front row, and I saw him there. And I had a match with Samoa Joe, who is a tough opponent. I kept going over to Corey and telling him, 'Look, this is how it's done.

This is how men do it.' And I think he took a little offense to it. So I finally got in his face, and he stood up — I give him credit for that one — and then he took a shot. He took a shot and he cracked me in the side of the head, and it led to a Samoa Joe victory. So I found out the hard way that Corey Taylor is a man of actions, and I may have paid for my words a little bit. So I give him credit for coming out and showing his face. He took a shot and he'll pay for it eventually; I'll get my hands back on Corey. So it's a good little feud that's starting up between us. And I'll be happy when I get my payback."

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You can check out the interview here: