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Baron Corbin on jumping Nakamura at MITB, says fans’ hatred is amazing

Money In The Bank creates memories every time WWE puts one on. This year’s PPV featured an incredible moment for The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin when he came down with the men’s briefcase with a guaranteed championship contract inside.

Baron Corbin spoke with Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho about a number of subjects from traveling with the Money In The Bank briefcase to moving into a house right down the road from Y2J that holds a lot of wrestling history. Corbin bought his house from Big Show who bought it initially from Undertaker. The Lone Wolf says its a house built for a big man with seventeen-foot-tall ceilings and cabinets so tall his wife can’t reach them.

He also discussed his Money In The Bank ladder match win and gave Jericho a chance to talk about how he came up with the MITB concept all those years ago. But one thing he touched on especially was how much he is enjoying his current top spot on SmackDown Live.

“[Fans] only care about moves for a few seconds. You know, I’m a big believer in that that moves are not what people engage with. They say, ‘oh it’s cool’ — holy sh-t [chants] but then five seconds later they’re like ‘well what’s next?’ It’s about that story, it’s about that drama it’s about teasing people you know? Really just invoking emotion in people.”

“I think one of the coolest parts for me [about the MITB ladder match] besides pulling down the briefcase was — everybody’s excited to see Nakamura and his entrance. When I beat him up in the middle of his strobe lights and sent him to the back injured the emotion people let out of hatred toward me was amazing. Those moments you’ll never get back and it wasn’t about doing a triple indie onto someone, it was about making some people truly angry because I took away something they really wanted to see — it’s what you do it for.”

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