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Baron Corbin on the growth of NXT, making his main roster debut at WrestleMania 32, goals, more



Baron Corbin appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Wednesday to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE. There was a recap video package for Sunday’s TLC PPV, Monday’s RAW and Tuesday’s SmackDown Live shown before the interview.

Coachman asked him about making his main roster debut at WrestleMania 32 and winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Corbin said it was an unreal moment and noted that he has walked out in NFL stadiums as well as work arena shows in WWE but being at WrestleMania with over 100,000 people in attendance was unbelievable. Corbin noted that the feeling is surreal and wants to feel it again.

When asked about the growth of NXT, Corbin said that NXT started in a warehouse in Tampa and Triple H came in and changed everything. Corbin noted that WWE built the Performance Center, which in his words is one of a kind training facility. Corbin said that Triple H gave them every tool that they wanted from working out, promos, coaches, working on their in-ring style and more. Corbin compared NXT to an underground rock band and fans wanting to tell their friends about NXT. Corbin said that NXT has grown from doing 30 people for an event to now touring and selling out huge arenas.

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When asked his NFL career, Corbin said it was awesome and he trained to become a pro football player for his whole life. Corbin noted that he went to a two-division school and worked hard to get to the NFL. Corbin said that he spent some time with the Indianapolis Colts, but it didn’t work out, so he went to the Arizona Cardinals and praised the offensive linemen coach. He noted that he learned a lot with the Cardinals and had fun there.

Coachman asked him about how football prepared him for wrestling, Corbin said that he enjoyed playing physical sports and he thinks that you have to be a man to play those types of sports. Corbin added that boxing helped him out by being more aggressive and dealing with injuries that come along as a pro wrestler.

Coachman asked what’s next for him, Corbin thinks that the sky's the limit for him and has everything that you want in a Superstar. Corbin wants to be WWE World Champion and said that if you don’t have that mindset, then you shouldn't be in WWE.

Corbin thanked ESPN for having him on the show and this wrapped up the segment.