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Baron Corbin says his wife and kids left him, John Cena gives him an Attitude Adjustment

Baron Corbin walked out to the ring this week on Friday Night SmackDown during John Cena’s segment to continue his “down on his luck” storyline.

Corbin said that his credit has been ruined after his identity was stolen and that he was hit in the private area last week.

As a result of that, Corbin said that he is unable to perform and his wife has left him and she took the kids away. Cena gave Corbin some money but Corbin said it wasn’t enough and asked to get some work on one of Cena’s movies.

Cena said that “Suicide Squad” is already done and Corbin then offered to work as a stunt double. Cena declined but Corbin called Cena a “tightwad” and a “Hollywood sellout.”

As previously noted, this all appears to be headed towards Corbin turning things around because WWE trademarked “Happy Corbin.”

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