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Batista arrived late and there were several last-minute changes made to Smackdown 1000



As we first reported earlier, James Ellsworth had a segment scheduled for Smackdown 1000 but it was cut because the show was running long after Evolution's segment. I believe it was supposed to be a brief backstage segment.

PWInsider is reporting that Dave Bautista arrived late, about 20 minutes before they went on the air at 8 pm eastern.

Rey Mysterio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura was originally supposed to kick off the show but Vince McMahon made a bunch of last minute changes just hours before the show. As we first reported earlier, there was time cut from the Mysterio vs. Nakamura match. The R-Truth and Carmella segment with The McMahon's was originally supposed to take place later in the show. I was told that it was originally scheduled for the 9 pm segment but McMahon changed his mind about an hour before they went on the air.

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As many of you could have figured, The Undertaker promo segment was supposed to go longer than it did but they were running out of time so he didn't get to say much.

The feeling backstage is that the show should have been 3 hours but as Jon Fuentes noted earlier, WWE does not have much wiggle room because they have to go live on Facebook Watch with Mixed Match Challenge so 3 hours was not an option for them.