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Batista discusses what it would take to make a WWE return happen



Dave Bautista was recently interviewed by WhatCulture Wrestling to promote his new film, "Final Score". During the interview, Batista spoke about a potential return to WWE and what would need to happen in order for him to come back.

"The Animal" says he misses wrestling everyday, but for a WWE return he would need it to happen at the right time and against the right opponent:

“I have to say that it’s something I think about daily. I miss it daily. I love it, I have a passion for wrestling. I feel that at the core of me that’s just who I am. I’m a physical performer, and I miss it every day. I think, one, it would have to be the right time, and two, it would have to be the right opponent.

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"That’s pretty much it, and it would have to make sense,” Batista said. “Yeah, I think the last time I went back was with really good intentions and I felt like I wasn’t delivered what I was promised and that was just creatively.

"So, that would be it, I’d have to have a strong say of what I did and who I worked with. It would have to make sense as far as time, not only do I have to be free, but I also have to factor in there is a risk that I would be injured.

"If I got injured I would need some time to rehabilitate myself, so I always kind of factor those things in.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions