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Bayley celebrates big career milestone in New York City



Bayley was one of the most-hyped NXT prospects down in WWE's developmental but after she won the WWE Women's Championship everything just kind of fizzled for The Hugger. It's ironic that it took her getting to the top of the women's roster until her descent began and it was a steep one. She admitted to Stephanie McMahon that she didn't deserve to be champion but she was keeping it anyway. While that statement might have been intended to be taken sarcastically it wasn't taken that way.

At this point #GiveBayleyAChance should be trending on Twitter because WWE seems to have forgotten about the girl some said would be the female John Cena. She has incredible ability as illustrated by her character's evolution in NXT. The girl knows how to tell a good story in the ring but WWE just hasn't given her a good enough tune to dance to in a long time. She lost in her home town, she continues to get essentially squashed on a regular basis, but people still haven't forgotten about her. Because people still love themselves some Bayley.

Bayley is still touring with the main roster and making towns just like always. She's working hard and hoping that her time on top will come again. But all of her troubles don't seem to matter as much on Friday night as Bayley celebrated a big career milestone.

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Bayley wrestled in Madison Square Garden for the first time and she was super excited to be fulfilling this benchmark in her career. There's something special about MSG and every Superstar that has appeared there has felt the same electricity.

She says it was a privilege to wrestle in MSG and that only goes to show the respect she has for the business she loves. Bayley is a life-long fangirl of WWE and we can only imagine she's checking an item off of her bucket list as she appears in New Yok's most famous arena.