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Bayley comments on her first gimmick in WWE and if she wants to be called up to the main roster


NXT Women’s Champion Bayley appeared the 55th episode of the Sam Roberts Podcast to talk about her career, NXT, and more.

During the interview, Bayley mentioned that her first gimmick in FCW (which is NXT now) was a luchador. She said that she worked the style for awhile, but when she started to make designs for her mask, WWE told her that they were going in a different direction. That direction was her current character.

When asked about the transition from NXT to the main roster, Bayley seemed hesitant to answer the question. The reason for the hesitation was because (in her own words) the NXT talent that makes it to the main roster misses NXT once they're called up. She admitted that it would be tough to leave NXT one day, but as young as being ten years old, she knew that she wanted to be on the main roster in WWE and that she’ll deal with it when it happens.

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You can listen to the entire interview here: