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Bayley comments on if she is worried about being called up to the main roster

NXT Women’s Champion Bayley recently spoke with about being called up to the main roster and more. Here are the highlights.

The Bellas and other women on the main roster have said they’re envious of the time the women in NXT have to tell their stories in the ring – is that a worry for when you get called up?

“I just try to think – if I were to get called up tomorrow, I would literally see it as how we were a year-and-a-half ago in NXT, or two years ago.

“If we had to start all over again and build that trust with the office and the fans wanting to see us. If we had to build our stories all over again, I’m willing to do that to make it.

“If we could make WWE what NXT is now, as far as the women’s division goes, it’s worth it. I know those girls, everybody up there is willing to fight for every opportunity.

“If we have to start from the bottom again and slowly build it and build it, I think one day, it’s possible that we can have another 30-minute Iron Woman match. Anything’s possible with the women here.”

How much do you miss your fellow three Horsewomen since they’ve been called up?

“I miss them a lot. I’m such a loser, but I’m so used to having them around for our NXT trips for NXT TVs and all that. I’m still getting used to not having them around, but I love seeing them on Raw and SmackDown and seeing what they’re doing.

“They’re fighting as much as they can to do what they did in NXT and make it something on the main roster. It makes me really happy to see them up there, but I’m selfish and I miss them!”

You can read the entire interview here.


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