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Bayley on her main roster debut, Vince McMahon, Sasha Banks, Charlotte

Bayley recently spoke with about her career and more. During the interview, Bayley was asked about her main roster debut in August.

“As the weeks went on, I was scared almost every night,” Bayley said. “But I think that’s definitely a challenge that I was prepared to take on. I was prepared for everyone to boo me and say, ‘Yeah, who is this chick?’ But I was lucky to debut in the Barclays [Center], which is like a second home to me. I was lucky to have that first reaction.”

Bayley recalls the first time that she met Vince McMahon, which was backstage at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn in August 2015, right before she wrestled Sasha Banks.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God! Why is he here! Why is he here!'” Bayley said. “I started freaking out. I was standing behind him so he had no idea I was there and I was like, ‘Oh gosh, I wish I didn’t see him.’ It just made me a million times more nervous. I was real intimidated. “When we came back, he was laughing and he shook our hands and said, ‘Thank you, that was amazing,'” Bayley said. “And I just broke down. That was something that I would always remember.”

Bayley, who is good friends with Charlotte, stated that the recent Women’s Title match that headline RAW between Charlotte and Sasha Banks was a “huge step in the right direction” for the women’s division.

“Everything that Charlotte does — and sometimes Sasha — always freaks me out, because they are just incredibly athletic and so daring,” Bayley said. “I had no doubt she was going to land [the moonsault] perfectly because she’s, like, insane. She’s in a whole other world.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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