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Bayley recalls her match at 2016 Battleground PPV, comments on differences between NXT and main roster



Bayley recently spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine about her career and more. During the interview, she was asked about making an appearance at the 2016 Battleground PPV event when she teamed up with Sasha Banks to face Dana Brooke and Charlotte Flair. She stated that it was an incredible experience and that she was trying to stay cool the whole day. She noted that it wasn’t her official debut as she later debuted in August but did say that she felt a lot of emotions going into the match at Battleground. She just told herself that she was going to have fun with it and enjoy it. She was thankful to have the experience and so surprised by how excited the crowd was.

When asked about the differences with being in NXT to WWE's main roster, she said that it’s tough but worth it as it has been a long road for her coming from NXT. She noted that she was in developmental for almost four years and now being able to travel the world on the main roster is much different from her time in NXT. She said that all of the hard work that she did in NXT has prepared her for this moment (being on the main roster).

Finally, she was asked about the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. She said that he believe in everyone and thought that everyone was special.

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