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Bayley talks about her first NXT gimmick, fans pushing for women's wrestling and more


Sam Roberts and Katie Linendoll recently had the chance to interview Bayley at the WWE Performance Center. Bayley talked about taking on a teaching role with some of the talents in NXT. She said that she felt that when she first started in WWE that they were going to change her into a bikini model type and if they had done that then things wouldn't have worked out because that is not who she is. She said that her first month in the company was so hard, but she was finally able to find a happy medium of who she really is.

Bayley credits the fans because they wanted to see the women wrestle. She said that "Macho Man" Randy Savage is what got her into wrestling so that's why she wears the tassels. She also talks about her first NXT gimmick wrestling under a mask, how Dusty Rhodes helped her with promos, wrestling Sasha Banks and more.

Check out the interview below:

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