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Bayley talks about her run as NXT Women’s Champion and WWE dropping the term “Diva”



Former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley spoke with to promote the upcoming NXT UK tour that takes place in June. Here are the highlights.

On her run as champion:

The matches were incredible. The Ironman match with Sasha and everything was really cool, but I think just the fact I was able to carry the title and visit places for the first time being champion, like going to the UK for example, being champion. Not only with NXT but I also got to travel with WWE and, to be the NXT Women's Champion and be on the WWE shows representing the company and the division in such a huge way was really cool for me. Going to places like Chicago and New York as the champion is what was really special for me. It was just being able to be the champion of such a great division and going to these places for the first time ever - it's a huge honour.

On WWE dropping the term “Diva”:

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I think maybe NXT had a huge part in it. I know a lot of the girls in the WWE always wanted to go down that path, but it wasn't really until Stephanie McMahon introduced Becky, Sasha and Charlotte that people started noticing the movement and noticing that these girls want to be not just Divas, they want to take the division to a different level. I don't think the fans really knew how bad everybody else wanted it backstage like Paige and the Bellas, and Nattie especially. They all wanted that for so long so for us to be able to kinda help and for Sasha, Becky and Charlotte to be the ones to kind of push it and for Stephanie to introduce them in such a big way. It's been such a good year and it's really cool to see that NXT kinda had a little help to do with that!

On the next step for NXT touring:

Man, I kinda wanna go everywhere! I would really like to go to Mexico. I'd one day like to go to Japan, one day go to Australia, but I think I really wanna go to Mexico. I kinda started watching wrestling through Lucha Libre because my grandmother was always watching Lucha Libre. I think it'd be so cool to bring NXT over there, I know how crazy and passionate those fans are. I don't know if that's ever been in the talks but I think that'd be really cool.

And, just to have as a whole monthly pay-per-views and be able to take our pay-per-views like we did to London and like we just did to Dallas. I think it would be cool to be able to expand our pay-per-views and be able to do more stuff like we did in London, but everywhere.

Bayley also talked about Charlotte's current run as Women's Champion, her dream match and much more in this interview. You can read the entire interview here.