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Bayley talks WWE having no plans for her at WrestleMania 37

WWE is just a few days away from holding its WrestleMania 37 event over the course of two nights. However, Bayley, a former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, doesn’t have a match booked at the show.

She talked about this while doing an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport. She doesn’t have an answer as to why she doesn’t have a match, but rather understands it to be something that just didn’t happen.

She was asked whether something could be added late for her, which is something that she’s hoping. Bayley also stated that she did pitch stuff for the event.

“Even if there was something, I don’t know if I would tell you guys to spoil it. But yeah, it’s OK. I’ll be here for a long time. I might just jump the barricade and steal my own moment if they won’t give me one. I’ll just steal it. I’ve pitched for stuff for this past WrestleMania just because there has been so many instances this past year where the pitches have gone through and it becomes easier to talk to certain people.”

She stated that she would have loved to have had a non-title match at WrestleMania such as a grudge type of match because it would mean more than just a match for a title. Bayley knows there are two big women’s title matches, she is looking on the bright side of things instead of being bummed.

Bayley also ruled out how her being off the card and not wrestling since February 19th is not due to injury.


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