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Bayley's number 1 fan to be featured on NXT Kids show?

We've been asked about the casting for the NXT Kids show. There was a pilot leaked in August. I guess this means that they want to shoot another pilot with different kids since they sent out a casting call this past week. The idea for the show is for it to be something like Saturday Morning Slam with the one or two matches per episode and kids doing interviews with wrestlers. The shows are 30 minutes. The pilot was edited to show lots of crowd shots featuring kids during matches.

One person in WWE hinted to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer newsletter that this may be a vehicle for Izzy, the little girl shown during Bayley's matches. It is not a coincidence that she's always shown in the front row at NXT shows. She was also front row at the recent NXT tapings.

The NXT Kids trailer from August has been pulled but you can get an idea of what the show will be like if you watch a clip of Saturday Morning Slam from a few years ago.

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