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Becky Lynch-Charlotte Flair real life issues to play into WWE storyline?


WWE was told that there has been some talk within the creative team that the issues between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair may be referenced on TV as a way to generate more buzz for their match at the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Lynch spoke about her issues with Flair in public for the first time during an interview on the SI Media Podcast. Lynch said about Flair, "I don’t know, man. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk. So all I’ll say is the locker room needs a hero sometimes. And sometimes somebody’s gotta be a hero. I’m all right being that hero. That’s what I’ll say on that matter."

Flair hasn't said much about the incident but she sent out a tweet today that read, "everyone wants to be the hero in their own story."

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For what it's worth, WWE played clips from the Montreal Screwjob on Raw as part of the hype for this year's Survivor Series so don't be shocked if WWE plays off of that for the Lynch and Flair match as a way to not have either of them lose clean.