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Becky Lynch explains best part of her recent rise to the top

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently spoke with Yahoo where she spoke about her WWE career. 

During the interview, Lynch talked about her rise to the top of the WWE and what is the best part about, which she says is how invested people get in her character. 

“I think [the best part of the past year has been] really seeing how invested people get into this and how it has changed people’s perceptions of what you can do as a woman or anybody really — saying enough is enough,” Lynch said.

She continued, “When I first became the Smackdown women’s champion, I felt guilty. I was thinking ‘Oh I’m sorry, I wish everybody could be the champion.’ I played myself down. I realized that it didn’t do myself any favors. I saw people who weren’t putting in a fraction of the work I was getting handed opportunities, titles, title shots. I looked and said ‘No when I get my chance again this isn’t going to happen again.’ I promised myself it wouldn’t and it hasn’t.”

Lynch lost to Sasha Banks by DQ at the WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view event in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Now, the two stars will meet inside of the Hell in a Cell structure at the show in three weeks.


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