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Becky Lynch fires back at Corey Graves for his recent comments about her

Becky Lynch and Corey Graves

WWE SmackDown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch is arguably the company's hottest star at the moment. Lynch is brash on the microphone and is able to back up her talk inside the ring. However, it looks like not everyone is too big of a fan of "The Irish Lass Kicker." Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live commentator Corey Graves hasn't been Lynch's biggest supporter in recent weeks.

Lynch recently took to Twitter to address Graves, and took a shot at the WWE broadcaster:

"So Graves has been saying I’m too cocky, and I talk too much on social media - like that’s a bad thing. I drum up more interest in 1 tweet than you do with 5 hours of your Heenan-lite routine every week. Listen, I’m here to make history, you’re just here to observe me do it."

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Graves wasn't afraid to respond to the SDL Women's Champion, firing right back:

"I’ll admit it. It’s tough to go FULL-Heenan when the boss is actually paying attention to your work. You’ll realize that someday."