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Becky Lynch fires back at Jim Ross: “I would whoop your whole women’s division any day of the week and twice on Sundays”

Becky Lynch has chimed in on Twitter following Jim Ross’ recent comments about Seth Rollins.

For those of you that missed it, Ross was not happy about Rollins shot at AEW, specifically when Rollins said last weekend that Kenny Omega can wrestle him at WrestleMania after he’s done with the minor leagues.

On his latest podcast, Ross ripped Rollins because he feels competing wrestling companies shouldn’t be taking shots at each other. Ross also included a dig about Rollins not being as over as girlfriend Becky Lynch.

Rollins took a subtle dig back at Ross in a tweet:

Someone tagged Ross and noted that Rollins was referring to him:

In response to Ross’ tweet, Lynch had this to say:

“Nothing but respect, JR — you’re an amazing announcer! So go down to the locker room and announce that I would whoop your whole women’s division any day of the week and twice on Sundays.”

Some would argue that none of this helps business for either company but others might say that this just gives AEW more publicity and that’s the last thing WWE wants to do.

Hopefully, this is the end of this social media banter, feud or whatever you want to call it.

Click here if you want to read everything that Ross said about Rollins on his podcast.


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