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Becky Lynch: I wouldn’t be in WWE if it weren’t for Finn Balor

Becky Lynch recently spoke with to promote Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view event. Here are the highlights.

On Finn Balor: “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Finn,” said Lynch. “I wouldn’t be here if he didn’t open that little wrestling school in this little school hall at St. Andrew’s down in Bray County Wicklow [Ireland]—which was an hour train ride for me, and then a half hour walk to the school. I remember walking into the school, and I’d just come off watching Tough Enough, so I expected to see this warehouse with a big name outside of it, and I’d open the doors and there would be these tough burly lads standing inside a ring. When I walked in, and there was lovely Finn, with his big smile, ‘How are you lads?’ he asked me and my brother. There were blue padded mats on the floor, a bunch of young teenage rocker kids with hair they were attempting to grow out, and I thought to myself, ‘So this is pro wrestling.’ We learned on these little mats for the first few months until we got a ring, and to see Finn go from there to headlining SummerSlam, it’s an unbelievable journey for him and I’m so excited for him. He deserves absolutely everything he gets. And Seth Rollins is one of my favorite people on the roster, and somebody who has looked out for me since day one, so I’m really excited to see what the two of them bring. I know they’re going to bring it.”

On WWE creating a Women’s Title for SmackDown Live: “We want a women’s champion on Smackdown,” said Lynch. “I would like to bring that in, but I would like to win the belt that everybody wants [Sasha Banks’ WWE women’s championship]. I want whatever storyline I’m in to be the storyline that people want to watch and care about. I want to make this women’s division worth watching on Smackdown, and make Smackdown the show to watch with enticing stories and entertainment.”

On the WWE 24: The Women’s Revolution special: “They filmed this around WrestleMania and followed me, Charlotte and Sasha,” said Lynch. “This was one of the biggest women’s matches in history and we were on the front of AT&T Stadium, and we got a lot of press behind us coming out of the ‘Diva’s Revolution,’ which turned into the ‘Women’s Revolution’ at WrestleMania. “For me, it’s never been about a revolution,” explained Lynch. “Talking about a revolution sounds like a whisper, as the old song says. It was just about going out there and doing our thing—having stories where people get emotionally involved. It doesn’t matter if we’re women. It shouldn’t matter; it’s 2016. I never felt like it should be a big deal, and I talk about that in the special.

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