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Becky Lynch on which WWE legends inspired her

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by Wrestling Compadres to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Lynch will be involved in a Triple Threat match for the SmackDown Live Women’s Title at SummerSlam this weekend. She will challenge current Champion Carmella and Charlotte Flair for the strap.

During her interview, Lynch talked about some WWE legends that inspired her professional wrestling career. She first talked about WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes inspiring her and helping her confidence:

“Dusty Rhodes was a really important part of building up my confidence because even though I felt physically that I had never been an athlete–that is something that I have kind of learned, the athletic part was really hard for me,” Lynch said.

“But the talking ability and the ability of being a character was something that I had studied and that was something that I was constantly working at when I was outside of the pro wrestling world. Without his support I don’t know that I would be here today.”

Lynch then revealed that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s old “My Sacrifice” videos produced by WWE also inspired her and helped her persevere throughout her career:

“Even when it was really tough and i would cry most days, most days I would cry, but it never felt like it was the wrong thing. It was like, this is really hard, and this is the hard that they talk about.

“Remember those WWE-produced videos of ‘My Sacrifice’ by Creed where ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin would talk about all those sacrifices that he had gone through he wouldn’t give them up for anything because they made him what they were today,” Lynch said.

“Those videos were so motivational and inspirational and I would always go back to those videos and say that this is ‘My Sacrifice’ moment where I was poor, cars kept breaking down on me, my teeth needed root canals, and this was when I was in NXT, which is a long story, but one thing kept happening after another and I was broke and I wasn’t good in the ring and I wasn’t able to find a character, but then you keep pushing through and eventually you get there.”

Check out Lynch’s interview on the Wrestling Compadres show by clicking this link here.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions


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