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Becky Lynch reflects on her journey over one year: I now run the whole damn business

The journey that WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has had over the last year has been memorable. 

She has gone from being a star in the women’s division to not only now being the top star in the division but also the entire company. She was just picked #1 overall in the WWE draft and will stay on Raw. 

She took to her official Twitter account over the weekend to look back on a tweet she had from October 11th, 2018 where she wrote: 

“I was the first pick that sparked the division, the woman who built the division and the champ who now runs the division. #SD1000”

One year later, she posted the following tweet with a bold statement: 

“One year update: my t-shirt might be different, but I now run the whole damn business.”

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