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Becky Lynch situation to be addressed tonight on WWE SmackDown Live



WWE sources have confirmed to us the story that was broken earlier by Fightful on Becky Lynch.

A WWE source told us that they are scrambling to come up with a backup plan and everyone is on a tight deadline because they need to figure out something in time for tonight's SmackDown Live.

PWInsider is reporting that one scenario being talked about is to have Lynch quickly drop the title tonight to someone else and that person would go on to face Rousey on Sunday at Survivor Series. Keep in mind that the Rousey/Lynch match was not for a title so WWE doesn't have to take the title off of her. Charlotte Flair seems like a logical choice to win the title but keep in mind that she is one of the likely candidates to face Rousey at WrestleMania so it would not make sense to burn through that match right now.

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There is no word yet on if Vince McMahon has made a decision but there were pitches made to him and names mentioned were one of The IIConics or Mandy Rose as potential opponents for Rousey. WWE has yet to officially issue a statement on Lynch.

For those of you that missed it, click here to see the fan video of Nia Jax stiffing Lynch. The belief is that she has a concussion and a broken nose and/or a broken orbital bone.