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Becky Lynch talks about possibly turning heel, her feud with Alexa Bliss, more

SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently spoke with Ben Wilson of Games Radar to promote WWE 2K17. During the interview, Lynch was asked about possibly turning heel in the future. "Oh, 100 per cent. And [I'll do it] when people least expect it,” Lynch said. She added that she would do it mostly for social media because it makes playing that role so much more fun because you can say anything you want. Lynch added that a Superstar could be so full of themselves and be ridiculous when you're a heel. Lynch said that if she is ever going to feud with Bayley again, then she has to be a heel but noted that she would love to see Bayley be a heel because it would be funny.

Currently, Lynch is feuding with Alexa Bliss, and Lynch commented on her program with the up and coming WWE star. "I want that responsibility of elevating the newer additions to the roster,” Lynch said. Lynch added that Bliss is in a big spotlight right now and that she is crushing it because she is charismatic.

You can read the entire interview here.

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