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Bellator and UFC said to be interested in signing CM Punk

There are a lot of rumors going around regarding CM Punk doing MMA. We posted a video a couple of weeks ago of Punk training with Rener Gracie in California. Gracie asked if Punk would be interested in competing in Metamoris. Frontrow Brian, noted MMA insider who has broken many scoops, talked about negotiations with Punk and apparently there is smoke to that fire. Bellator also has significant interest in him as well.

The goal right now from every MMA company is to get all of the casual fans that have stopped watching. Bringing in a big name with CM Punk can help them with that. Bobby Lashley has helped boost Bellator ratings on Spike since he brings in some wrestling fans. There is also said to be interest in MMA in Alberto Rodriguez (the former Alberto Del Rio).

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