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Bianca Belair wants Serena Williams to be a WWE Superstar

Bianca Belair and Serena Williams

WWE RAW Superstar Bianca Belair recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast. The former 'EST' of NXT is now the 'EST' of WWE, having moved to the RAW roster just after WrestleMania. Belair is now aligned on camera with her husband Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits.

During the interview with Gorilla Position, Belair would reveal a number of interesting facts regarding her time in Crossfit, NXT and how influential WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry was in bringing her into the company. One of the more intriguing topics discussed was 'celebrities' performing and appearing in WWE. With Rob Gronkowski now seemingly putting his WWE career on hold to play again in the NFL, Belair was asked which sports personalities she would like to see make the transition to WWE.

"Personality wise?" Belair would begin. "[As in] I think that they would be great as far as like personality wise and really just being charismatic? Being able to get people invested in them? Floyd Mayweather will be great. And he will be bringing a lot you know? He has a crazy, great background and he will really come in and like shake things up." Interestingly, if Floyd 'Money' Mayweather were to return to WWE this wouldn't be his first venture into the squared circle. The undefeated boxer previously appeared at WrestleMania 24, facing The Big Show. The build to that bout and the subsequent match itself were lauded by fans and critics considering the lack of training Mayweather had at that point. So, this would likely be a good addition to the WWE roster considering Mayweather is now (officially?) retired from boxing.

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"I also think that someone like Serena Williams would be, actually will be great" Belair continued. "Just as a woman, she's just powerful and strong in what she represents. You know I think she could bring a whole other demographic of fans and audiences and eyeballs to WWE. I think those two would be, could really come in and like shake things up here."

With Williams now at the age of 38 she may be considering moving on from playing on the professional tennis circuit. The extremely accomplished athlete would in fact bring a huge amount of interest and intrigue to WWE if she made the move to the ring.

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