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Big Cass provides an update on his WWE in-ring return



Ever since tearing his ACL during a match against Enzo Amore shortly after SummerSlam, Big Cass has been recovering in hopes to return sooner than later. Cass was just beginning a push as a monster heel, as he was revealed to be the culprit behind Enzo being a victim of numerous sneak attacks. Big Show was also involved in the feud to protect Enzo, but Cass was able to defeat him as well.

Cass was recently interviewed on the Sam Roberts Podcast and provided an update on his return. He stated that he is on pace to get back in the ring shortly after WrestleMania. This looks to be on par with the original nine-month timeline provided when the news broke that he will be out due to injury.

While his goal was to refrain from watching WWE since it would make him even more eager to return, he admits that he still watches it because he is a wrestling fan. He did, however, state that the WWE Universe would not totally be without him, as he will be a frequent on Total Divas due to his relationship with cast member Carmella.

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