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Big Cass says he was close to death before he sobered up



W Morrisey, the man formerly known as WWE Superstar Big Cass, appeared on Chris Van Vliet's "Insight" podcast and YouTube show to talk about his run in WWE, being fired, overcoming his addiction to alcohol, and the possibility of signing with AEW.

Cass said his first stint in rehab was unsuccessful. He was asked, “Was it you that said, I need to go to rehab, or was it people around you?”

Cass said, “It was people around me. That was the reason why the rehab didn’t work the first time. When you’re doing it to appease other people and make them happy, and make them see you in a more positive light, that is not the right intention. That’s going into it for the wrong reasons. A lot of people do go in for the wrong reasons and stay for the correct ones. I, unfortunately, wasn’t one of those people. I went in for the wrong reasons, and I relapsed immediately after I got out of rehab the first time, like hours after. I conditioned my brain to alcohol to such a point, I was mentally obsessed with it. Even when I was in rehab and I passed a liquor store, my brain would light up. Something would shoot off in my brain just seeing the liquor store. Deep down, I knew I was not going to stay sober. I pretended like I was and I lied to myself like you’re really going to do this, but deep down I knew I was not going to do it the first time.”

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Cass was asked what made him ready for recovery:

“It became a matter of life and death. I had a few more seizures after the one in Philadelphia. After I went to rehab, I had a few more seizures. It got to the point where I knew I was going to die. It was just a matter of, if I keep going down this path, I was going to die. There was a point where maybe I didn’t even care about that, but, for some reason, call it divine inspiration at this point, I did care. It was like, you can’t die. You gotta do something about this. I could have easily given up. I don’t know if it was some instinctual thing that told me, ‘You gotta keep going.’ The hardest thing was to reach out for help.”

Cass has gotten himself into great shape and he debuted for Impact Wrestling under the name "W Morrisey" on Sunday night at the Rebellion pay-per-view. Click on the player below to watch the full interview.

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